Wednesday, November 11, 2009

For Your Encouragement: Paul Capetz Must Abide by G-6.0106b

Hello All,

Just wanted to draw your attention to the Presbyterian Coalition's comments on the recent GA-PJC decision:

"Despite their limitations, the commission's decisions produced some help for the church. The PJC signaled in Naegeli et al v. Presbytery of San Francisco that its previous decision in Bush v Presbytery of Pittsburgh still stands, by quoting from that decision: "It would be an obstruction of constitutional governance to permit examining bodies to ignore or waive a specific standard that has been adopted by the whole church, such as the 'fidelity and chastity' portion of G-6.0106b, or any other similarly specific provision."

Similarly, though allowing the restoration of a person to ordained office in Bierschwale et al v. Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area, the commission said, "Having been restored to the exercise of the office of Minister of Word and Sacrament, [Paul] Capetz is fully accountable under all standards and requirements for ministers of Word and Sacrament to abide by the Constitution of the PC(USA), including G-6.0106b."

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nov. 10th meeting

Hello All,

We will meet from 2-3:30 at Christ Presbyterian (Thank you!) in room L-200. The agenda for the meeting is prayer, bible study (lectionary reading from I Samuel 1, Hebrews 10 and Mark 13) then fellowship and "check-in" and close with prayer. If I am ambitious I might some kind of snackage for us to share. Hope to see you there!